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Cubs indoors 22/5, 29/5, 5/6 🌧⚽️

Evening folks, due to the persistent weather this week and it causing the pitches to be boggy we’ve decided to make the early call to move the session indoors tomorrow (22/5/21). Even if it’s sunny tomorrow the pitches are so wet!

We are also moving the 2 following weekends (29th May & 5th June) indoors to allow time for the pitches to recover & so we can given everyone an earlier heads up as to where we are going to be.

Please wear trainers/astros not boots.

The sessions will be at Unit B, Ridgeway Trading Estate, Feckenham Road, Astwood Bank, B96 6DS. Due to limited parking please park in the car park of Astwood Bank Park, at the crossroads and walk across.

Parents won’t be allowed to stay to watch the session due to size & it being indoors.

It will require splitting in to the following groups.

1:00-1:55pm for the 4-6 age group:

Tiana D

Edith M

Ella R

Rosa C

Flossy C


Sophie B

Darcy B

Liliana H

Millie H

Ariana H

Amelia P

Skye G

2:00-2:55pm for the 7-10 age group:

Emily B

Millie B-J

Evelyn C

Emily D

Darcey D

Freya H

Amber M

Matilda M

Lily P


3:00-3:55pm for the 8-12 age group:

Graci D

Lola B

Lily E

Isabella E

Summer G

Miley H

Evie J

Freya L

Harriet M

Amelia M

Sophie R

The 5 min gaps are to reduce queuing at cross over time.

The Live stream will be back up and running tomorrow, I forgot to hit go last Saturday, doh! Please see me at the door for the password.

Please text back to confirm attendance :)

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